Members and Observers of BRLF

The Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum (BRLF) is a multi-stakeholder group. It was established by the Society for Knowledge Economics (SKE) in late 2010 to collaborate with Australian stakeholders and work with global initiatives to promote and drive the development and implementation of a strategy-aligned integrated business reporting framework. 

The SKE closed in 2014, but the BRLF continued as a voluntary discussion forum focused on the relevance of global trends in better business reporting for Australian organizations. In 2020 the Deakin Integrated Reporting Centre assumes responsibility for hosting and providing the Secretariat to the BRLF from KPMG.  

The general meetings are open to all interested parties (who register with the project leader – see ‘contact us’ above) and presentation slides and where relevant notes of meetings are published on this website.

At this stage the BRLF raises no revenue, the time of the project leadership team is provided free of charge as are the facilities used for meetings. The BRLF is a discussion forum. 

An overview of the organisations that regularly attend BRLF meetings include: 

  • Government, Regulatory Bodies & Standard Setters
  •  Professional and Industry Associations
  • Corporates (listed and unlisted)
  • Public Sector Organisations
  • Investors
  • Accounting Firms
  • Universities
  • Sustainability firms 

As noted above, participation is open to interested parties and all agendas and minutes of meetings are made publicly available. 

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